Monday, December 21, 2009

Kick the Bums Out

Behind closed door politicking is alive and well! What could we have expected? We elected a bunch of Chicago-style politicians… sneaky, corrupt and nepotic. What I resent is that all the backroom wheeling-and-dealing is going on with our tax dollars. Why does a Floridian have to pay for Nebraska Medicaid? Need I go on?

So it's time to kick the bums out! And I mean ALL incumbents, of both parties. The Democrats need to be booted out for their arrogant, self aggrandizing social experimentation, regardless of the consequences, just to have a “historical moment.” Hogwash! They should be prosecuted for violating their oath of office… protecting the United States Constitution. Instead they are trampling on our citizen rights!

The Republicans are just as culpable. Their own incompetence and shortsightedness has led to this single party majority that we face in the congress and in the presidency. All we need is some Supreme Court staking to the left and we can join the Venezuelans with our own brand of faux-democracy.

What amazes me is that the Republicans are so mealy mouth. Hey wake up! This is not the time to play possum and hope for the best in 2010. This is the time for a Revolution! Walk out of both houses of Congress in protest, NOW, refusing to do ANY business that excludes the US electorate that sent you to Washington. How can you continue representing us constituents if you are excluded from the participative democracy extolled by our Constitution? It’s time for a good old sit-in. Not whining, no one is listening! Sit on the Capitol steps until the ruling party acknowledges that they have hijacked our constitution and its legislative process. If Harry, Nancy and Barack don’t take notice, the national media sure will. How could they not? All of you standing, arm in arm, in solidarity on the Capitol steps would be a monumental photo op. Anything short of this Revolution, you Republicans will also be on the chopping block come next November!