Sunday, February 15, 2009

To MSNBC - Genius Extraordinaire

You at MSNBC purport economic idiocy. When is a job paid by the government by borrowing money an economic stimulus? Let’s get this straight. Borrow money to create a job that may pay taxes, which will go to paying interest on the borrowed money? Isn’t this like a snake eating its own tail?

Hey genius… compare this to creating a job in the private sector based on economic incentives, tax or otherwise. Here something tangible is produced and consumed, taxes are paid and wealth is created… without the government borrowing money!

Stop drinking the Democratic cool-aid, flush with giddiness, now that YOU control the legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government. Your mantra that the Republicans are now just a regional party is tantamount of dismissing 49% of the American voters that did not vote for the Democratic Party. Keep it up whiz kid and your ratings should drop to Zero, where they belong!

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